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Diego Virgen, Rising Mexican Goalkeeper, Joins Olathe United

Olathe United's new goalkeeper

Olathe, 1/16/24 - Olathe United has secured a promising addition to their team with the signing of Mexican goalkeeper Diego Virgen. Born in 2002 in Mexico, Diego brings a wealth of talent and a unique set of skills to the squad.

Diego's journey as a goalkeeper began at the tender age of 5, and since then, he has been enamored with the position. Expressing his love for the diving, game-saving abilities, and the responsibility that comes with being a goalkeeper, Diego emphasizes the importance of contributing to the team's success.

One of Diego's standout moments in his career occurred during a high school match against their rivals, where he made a breathtaking one-handed midair save with seconds left on the clock, securing a pass to the quarterfinals for his team.

Diego Virgen

Mentally preparing for matches is a crucial aspect for Diego, who begins with a small prayer, seeking protection from injuries and a good game. As the whistle blows, he performs the sign of the cross, kissing both forearms adorned with tattoos of his daughter and San Judas, a deity he deeply respects.

Diego draws inspiration from German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, admiring his footwork and incorporating similar elements into his own playing style. Handling the pressure of being the last line of defense with grace, Diego embraces challenges and learns from mistakes, showcasing resilience on the field.

After a tough game or training session, Diego's favorite way to unwind is to return home and spend quality time with his family, particularly his daughter, finding comfort in their presence.

Looking ahead, Diego harbors aspirations beyond soccer. His dream is to become a police officer, aligning with a lifelong goal rooted in his upbringing.

Diego Virgen's arrival at Olathe United marks an exciting venture for both the player and the club, as they anticipate the goalkeeper's contributions on and off the field. Be sure to come watch as Diego and his teammates make their push into the Inaugural Season of the Select League!!!

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