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Custom Rosters; Sign Up Now to Get Players You Want

Our league is going to be very customizable to ensure some sort of parity within the league. Each team will be able to go after players that, in real life, play for another team. Let's say you are a Mbappe fan but your team is Manchester United. Here you'll have a chance to bring Mbappe to Man U!

How Will This Work?

Starting tomorrow, January 7, the first team in accordance with sign up order will be able to choose a player to put on the auction block. Each club will be allotted 1,000,000 points to spend for their entire roster. Each time a player is put up for auction, every club will have a chance to bid in order to obtain said player.

Can I Still Join After Roster Selections Have Begun?

Yes! You may join the league at any time; however, you may miss out on certain players if you are late to the party.

What Teams Can I choose from?

You may choose any club that is on the game.

If you have any questions, please email us at with the subject line vFIFA.

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