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EA Sports FIFA League?

The Select League is considering adding to our in-person 11 v 11 men's and women's leagues and World Cup tournaments with something that might appeal to all no matter athletic ability. We are trying to gauge interest in an online EA Sports FIFA league. So how will this league operate? There are a couple ways we could start.

Option A: We use English FA teams. Every club from the English Premier League, Championship League, League One, League Two and the lone National League team: Wrexham. Teams will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. The first 20 teams will be placed into the English Premier League, then the Championship League and so on.

Option B: Any club at any level that is on the game can be chosen. Games will be played among all these teams until their respective leagues are filled out (i.e. MLS, EPL, La Liga, etc.). At that point the teams would compete in their respective leagues and cross-league tournaments.

Option C: Since we are based in the USA, we start off by using only Major League Soccer teams.

What's your opinion?

  • Option A (English Football Association)

  • Option B (All clubs from all leagues)

  • Option C (MLS)

This next part will depend on the software itself. Once, at least, the English Premier League is filled out then player selection will begin. Each team will be given a set number of points, we'll use 10,000 just as an example. After a random drawing to find an order 1 through 20 the top team will select a player. We'll say Manchester United owner chooses Lionel Messi. This does NOT mean that Manchester United gets Lionel Messi but that Messi is up for bid. Man U will place an opening bid for Messi, we'll say 2,000 points for example. Then it'll be an auction type deal where the highest bidder would secure the rights to Lionel Messi. Whatever that team bid will be deducted from their points. If they bid 3,000 points for Messi than that club will only have 7,000 left for the rest of their team. Then it'll be the second club that was drawn at random, and the process will continue until squads are filled out. This is of course dependent on the ability of doing this within the game itself. Promotion and relegation rules will remain the same as each league within the English system. One season per year. Meaning this season, we would utilize FIFA 23 and next FIFA 24. If this continues successfully and with full English leagues, then the plans would be to expand to other leagues such as Major League Soccer, La Liga, Bundesliga, etc.

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