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Lenexa City Football Club was one of the earliest visions of a club within the Select League. Lenexa has grown in recent years and a place many young men, women and families are calling home. It's a city that takes great pride in all it has to offer and a close nit community. It is a place where the grassroots support of local businesses is commonplace. Lenexa City Football Club wants to be the city's grassroots team by offering local residents a club they can be proud of and gives all they have on the pitch for City.

Lenexa City Football Club is starting with the men's 1st team with plans to also field a women's 1st team. Once the league and the club are well established, the club will begin the Lenexa City Football Club Youth Academy. The academy will offer area youth an alternative to the current options which can cost a small fortune.

Home Kit

Lenexa City complete away kit.png

Away Kit

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