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Lenexa City FC Welcomes Damian Aparicio-Fisher as First Player Signing

Army veteran Damian Aparicio-Fisher joins Lenexa City

Lenexa City FC, the burgeoning adult soccer club, is excited to announce the signing of their first player, Damian Aparicio-Fisher, a seasoned center back with an impressive soccer background.*

Damian Aparicio-Fisher brings a wealth of experience to Lenexa City FC, having played varsity soccer throughout his high school career in Maryland. His club soccer journey, which began at the age of 12, is highlighted by three state championships, the Defensive Player of the Year title in 2015, and consecutive selections to the All County Team in 2018 and 2019. Damian also had the opportunity to showcase his skills at the Division 1 level, representing Mount St Mary's University until an unfortunate injury temporarily halted his playing career.

When asked about the specific skills he brings to Lenexa City FC, Damian emphasized his defensive prowess, expressing a deep love for the defensive aspect of the game. Known for putting his body on the line for the team, Damian is committed to contributing to Lenexa City FC's success both on and off the field.

"I envision my contributions to the team by playing the best defense I can and communicating efficiently with my team," Damian remarked during the announcement.

Beyond his soccer abilities, Damian brings a valuable team-player mentality to Lenexa City FC. Always ready to assist both on and off the field, he emphasized his commitment to helping anyone in need. A veteran with a passion for community service, Damian's qualities align with Lenexa City FC's vision of fostering a supportive and compassionate community of players.

Lenexa City FC, still in its early stages, has not only secured its first player but is also rumored to be in talks with potential sponsors. The club remains on the lookout for permanent ownership or ownership partners to further solidify its foundation. Additionally, they are actively seeking managers for both the men's and women's sides, signaling an exciting period of growth and development for the club.

As Lenexa City FC builds its roster and establishes itself within the soccer community, Damian Aparicio-Fisher's signing marks a significant milestone and sets the tone for the club's commitment to excellence, both on and off the field.


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