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In the fall of 2023, Lee's Summit Athletic, also known as LS Athletic, emerged as a soccer club with unexpected speed. Originally slated for a 2025 debut, the club's formation was accelerated by the demise of Thunder FC, a Kansas City, Kansas club, leaving a void that Select League shareholders sought to fill on the Missouri side. Lee's Summit quickly became the obvious choice.

Initially dubbed Lee's Summit Eagles, a placeholder name paying homage to the Missouri Pacific Railroad's eagle logo, the club underwent a transformative process when it became a reality. Select League shareholders voted for a more distinctive name, settling on Lee's Summit Athletic as the official moniker.

The creative journey continued as shareholders voted on club crests and colors, ultimately presenting the top three choices to the public for a final decision. The chosen crest features a locomotive, symbolizing the town's rich railroad history, with the number 2023 on the tender, commemorating the club's establishment year. The Latin word "Perseverare" at the bottom of the crest, meaning "Persevere," reflects the club's ethos.

The public also had a say in the kit designs through a contest, adding a touch of community involvement to the club's visual identity. On November 25, 2023, LS Athletic marked a significant milestone as midfielder Colin Kiger became the first player to sign with the club, setting the stage for a promising future in the Select League starting April 2024.

Lee's Summit Eagles.png

The original inception for a Lee's Summit club came in 2022 as the Eagles.


One of the finalists for the club crest.


The second top place crest as voted on by the public.


In January of 2024, Lee's Summit based Bluebird Network became the primary sponsor of LS Athletic. The enthusiasm of Bluebird Network and their dedication to the community really set them apart and made for a perfect partnership. The three-year deal assured that the partnership was in it for the long term. (

Bluebird Network logo.png

Lee's Summit Athletic partnered with Bluebird Network as primary shirt sponsor.

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