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"Breaking News: Olathe United FC Announces Signing of New Attacker!"

Updated: Jun 11

Olathe United FC Signs Dynamic Forward Tim Dietz to Boost Attack

Olathe, KS - March 25, 2024 - Olathe United FC is pleased to announce the signing of Tim Dietz, a talented attacker, who joins the team with a strong background in soccer and a determination to make an impact on the team's attacking strategy.

Tim's decision to join Olathe United FC was influenced by an invitation from his friend Simon Esh to train with the team before Tim embarks on his university soccer career. Tim believes that his pace on the wings and aggressive striker play will make Olathe United FC a dangerous force on the offensive side of the ball.

"I consider my ability to be dangerous with the ball at my feet as my key strength on the field. I plan on creating numerous goal-scoring opportunities by beating defenders or playing in my teammates," said Tim, outlining his style of play.

Tim approaches his role in the team's attacking play with a focus on doing his part to benefit the team as a whole. Whether pressuring the backline as a striker or beating defenders as a winger, Tim plans to contribute to the team's offensive prowess to help secure victories.

"In previous experiences, such as through my high school, I managed to score lots of goals through counterattacking football. I believe that if we can transition well from the defensive side of the ball to the offensive side and find feet accurately, I will be able to replicate my previous successes with Olathe United FC," Tim explained.

Tim's personal goals for the upcoming season with Olathe United FC include improving his soccer skills at a higher level as he prepares for college soccer. He hopes to enhance his finishing and touch on the ball and aims to have at least one goal involvement per game. Tim is committed to working with his teammates and the coaching staff to achieve both his individual objectives and the team's overall success.

Olathe United FC is excited to have Tim Dietz on board and looks forward to seeing him in action as he represents the team on the field. With under a week left till action, we have all but secured our inaugural roster!!! There are a few we haven't got to tell you about yet so keep a eye out for those stories as they become available! These guys are training hard and preparing for a powerful season as we go on the road this weekend to take on Leawood Forrest at Kenneth Road!!!

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