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"Bringing Aboard a Seasoned Coach: Todd Esh Joins Olathe United FC"

Updated: Mar 27

Olathe United FC Signs Todd Esh as New Head Coach

OUFC manager Todd Esh

Olathe, KS - March 25, 2024 - Olathe United FC is excited to announce the appointment of Todd Esh as the new head coach for the upcoming season. Esh brings a wealth of coaching experience and a strong philosophy that aligns with the club's goals and objectives for this inaugural season. A move that is sure to send waves of excitement through the local soccer community!!!

In an interview, Coach Esh shared his coaching philosophy, stating, "I have always believed in a very strong defense and building out from the back. With that being said, I don't like to bunker and 'pack it in.' Almost every player on my teams in the past has had permission to move up the field, to make overlapping runs and to take chances. Players are required to cover for each other." He emphasized “Fitness is very important. In order to implement this style of play, players need to constantly be scanning the field looking for gaps in their opponent and gaps in their own team.

When asked about what attracted him to Olathe United FC, Coach Esh expressed his enthusiasm for The Select League, stating, "I love the concept of The Select League. This league will provide a great opportunity for players to stay in shape through the off-season of their college or high school season." Stressing  that. “It will also provide a place to play for players that want something a little more structured than a rec-league. My goal is to have a team where like-minded soccer players can train and play competitive games on a weekly basis and have fun while doing so.”

Coach Esh highlighted the importance of communication and adaptability in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the current squad. He stated, "As a coach, constant communication is very important. Every coach does things a little differently, and players understand that. As a coach, I have to adapt some things that I might want to do based on the talent on the field.  The early part of the season is learning what combinations work best and what each player's skill set is. Flexibility is very important for both the player and coach. I always try to put players in the best position for them to succeed while at the same time balancing that out in the overall picture of what the team is trying to accomplish."

In building a successful team culture, Coach Esh highlighted the importance of teamwork, stating,

" No one player is more important than the team. I have found that older players, for the most part, have realized the importance of team play and they aren't as "ball-dominant" as younger players who are still learning the game. I like to keep practices loose and I ask for feedback from players, and especially my captains. What is working, what isn't working, what should we change? As a coach, you see the whole play develop on the field but also, players are the ones actually on the field so they are seeing and experiencing some things that I might be missing. Constant communication is a must."

Coach Esh's short-term goal for the team is to field a competitive team and provide a place for players to work on their game, with other players that are serious about soccer.  His long-term goal is for Olathe United to have a reputation as a great team where serious soccer players want to play for multiple years.  Saying “I think our success will be measured by not only the number of players that want to come back year-in and year-out but also by the number of players that aren't on the team and reach out to us looking for a spot on the team. If players feel like they are improving as soccer players and we are winning, players want to join teams with those attributes.”  We couldn’t agree more!!!

Olathe United FC is confident that Coach Esh's coaching philosophy and experience will contribute significantly to the success of the team. The club looks forward to a successful season under his leadership and have faith that this landmark move will surely push the club forward in the direction we are hoping to see it go! To see Coach Esh and the impressive squad he is building in action be sure to check out the schedule section and we hope to see you all as we take on Leawood Forest on the road at 4:00 pm April 6th!!!


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