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Olathe United Welcomes Parker Hurla: A New Addition to the Team

Olathe, Kansas — March 22, 2024 — Olathe United is thrilled to announce the addition of Parker Hurla to its roster for the inaugural season. As the club gears up for an exciting journey, Parker's arrival brings a wealth of talent and enthusiasm to the team.

In an exclusive interview with Parker, the forward shared insights into his strengths on the field. "I believe I create a lot of opportunities for myself as well as others with my movement off the ball," he remarked. His dynamic style of play, characterized by instinctual decision-making and impeccable timing, promises to be a valuable asset to the team's offensive strategy.

Parker Hurla for Eudora

When asked about his aspirations for the season, Parker expressed his desire for a winning campaign. "I would like to see a winning season from the team," he stated, emphasizing his commitment to collective success. As a player who thrives on camaraderie, Parker is eager to integrate himself into the existing group and foster strong chemistry both on and off the field.

Off the field, Parker finds solace in spending time with friends and family, as well as indulging in his passion for the beautiful game from the comfort of his couch. His outgoing nature and personable demeanor make him a natural fit for team dynamics, as he aims to embody the qualities of a great teammate.

Having grown up in Eudora, Kansas, Parker's upbringing instilled in him a drive for excellence. "I have always wanted to be the best player to ever step foot into Eudora, KS," he shared, reflecting on the formative influences that shaped his journey in soccer.

As Olathe United embarks on its inaugural season, Parker is excited to be part of the club's foundational phase. "I believe that with the talented leadership of the league, it could take off and be the start of something special," he remarked, highlighting his optimism for the team's future.

Olathe United's newest player

On a lighter note, Parker revealed his pre-game ritual of taking a shower to relax and calm his nerves.

"It's the 'calm before the storm',"

he described, emphasizing the importance of mental preparation before stepping onto the field.

With Parker Hurla's arrival, Olathe United gains not only a skilled player but also a dedicated teammate committed to contributing to the club's success. As the season unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his impact on the pitch and the collective journey of Olathe United.

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