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Olathe United Welcomes Rising Star Jonathan Kibet for Inaugural Select League Season

Olathe United Center Midfielder Jonathan Kibet

*Olathe, KS - March 15, 2023*

In anticipation of their inaugural season in the Select League, Olathe United is thrilled to announce the addition of a promising talent to their roster—18-year-old Attacking Center Midfielder, Jonathan Kibet.

Hailing from Kenya, Kibet has been making waves in the soccer scene as a standout player for the KCAFF Kenya team. His exceptional skills and dynamic playing style have not only earned him recognition locally but have also secured his spot in the lineup for next year's highly anticipated KC Africa Cup of Nations.

Olathe United, set to kick off their first season in April, has been diligently scouting for players who embody the spirit of dedication and excellence. Kibet's addition to the team is seen as a significant boost, bringing a fresh perspective and international flair to the squad.

Club spokesperson, Brandon Fisher, expressed excitement about the new acquisition. "Jonathan Kibet is a young and talented player with immense potential. His experience with KCAFF Kenya and the upcoming KC Africa Cup of Nations speaks volumes about his commitment and skill on the field. We believe he will be a key asset to Olathe United as we embark on this exciting journey in the Select League."

The Select League itself is entering its first year, and the competition is expected to be fierce. Olathe United aims to make a mark in this inaugural season, and Kibet's arrival adds a layer of anticipation among fans and fellow players alike.

Jonathan Kibet shared his enthusiasm about joining Olathe United when we asked him what inspired him to pursue soccer, and how has his journey led him to Olathe United?

My inspiration for soccer is simply a love of the game and a desire to play and watch it.

We also asked Jonathan, "Can you share a memorable moment from your soccer career that has shaped you as a player, and how do you hope to contribute to Olathe United's success?"

My favorite memory from my professional life is seeing the 2022 World Cup final, which inspired me and showed me that underdogs can always succeed in this sport.

As the team gears up for their first match, the Olathe United fan base eagerly awaits the opportunity to witness Jonathan Kibet in action, hopeful that he will be the driving force propelling the club to success in their debut season.

With the combination of local talent and international flair, Olathe United is poised to make waves in the Select League, and Jonathan Kibet is set to play a pivotal role in their pursuit of glory on the soccer field.

Off the field, we asked, what are some hobbies or interests that fans might be surprised to learn about you, and how do you think they influence your performance on the pitch?

Some of my hobbies off the pitch are that I play golf, and I am also a competitive video game player, playing games like FIFA.
I'm looking forward to joining the team.
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