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Spencer Nestler Assumes Sole Ownership of Olathe United Ahead of Inaugural Season

Press Release

For Immediate Release

New Olathe United owner Spencer Nestler

Olathe, KS, March 20, 2024 — Olathe United is thrilled to announce that Spencer Nestler has officially taken the helm as the sole owner of the club as they gear up for their inaugural season in the Select League. Nestler's unique dual role as both owner and player promises an exciting journey for the club and its supporters.

Nestler's passion for the beautiful game and his dedication to fostering a professional and competitive soccer environment in the community have been the driving forces behind his decision to take ownership of Olathe United. His vision aligns perfectly with the club's mission to provide a platform for players to excel both on and off the field.

In addition to assuming ownership, Nestler has wasted no time in laying down the groundwork for Olathe United's success. He has secured a club sponsor in Tidd Tree, with an official announcement forthcoming. Nestler has also initiated preparations for the club's first practices and a scrimmage scheduled for this weekend, demonstrating his commitment to getting the team organized and ready for the challenges ahead.

When asked about his inspiration for taking on the role of owner, Nestler commented,

"The inspiration really came from a deep-rooted passion for the game and its appreciation. I see the need for what we are trying to accomplish here and think it's the perfect time for just this type of league."

Nestler's experience as a player brings a unique perspective to his leadership of the club. He emphasized, "I've been a player first and foremost leading up to this! While I'm new to this role, I'm by no means new to the scene or game and plan to continue to think and make decisions from our players' point of view."

Looking ahead, Nestler outlined his goals for Olathe United, aiming to build a tight-knit and skilled club that is reliable, consistent, and professional. He envisions turning the club's home field into a fortress and creating an entertainment option for the community and soccer enthusiasts alike.

To strengthen ties with the local community, Nestler plans to collaborate with small business owners, organize fundraising events, and work with local charities to give back. He envisions Olathe United as the pinnacle of the Olathe area soccer community, providing an incredible option for players of all backgrounds.

Nestler's long-term vision for Olathe United includes establishing the club as a recognized and respected entity within the soccer landscape. He aims to attract a substantial fan base and position the club as a destination for high-quality soccer action.

In terms of sustainability, Nestler plans to leverage his resources and connections to support the growth and success of Olathe United over the coming years. He intends to strategically grow the club's revenue through partnerships with local businesses and the development of a club store.

Nestler's passion, vision, and dedication make him the perfect leader to guide Olathe United into its inaugural season and beyond. For those interested in joining Olathe United or reaching out to Nestler, visit or email

About Olathe United: Olathe United is a soccer club based in Olathe, Kansas, dedicated to providing a platform for players to excel both on and off the field. With a focus on professionalism, competitiveness, and community engagement, Olathe United aims to become a respected and recognized entity within the soccer landscape.

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