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  • Brandon Fisher

Ahmad Kadour Joins Lee's Summit Athletic: A Midfield Dynamo Ready to Shine

Ahmed Kadour

Lee's Summit, 2/18/24

Lee's Summit Athletic has made a significant addition to its roster with the signing of 23-year-old Attacking Center Midfielder, Ahmad Kadour. With an impressive soccer journey that started at the age of 6, inspired by legends like Brazilian Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane, Kadour has played college soccer for MCC, various teams in the KCK league, and most recently for Sunflower in the UPSL.

In a recent interview, Kadour shared his motivations for joining Lee's Summit Athletic for its inaugural season in the Select League.

"I heard about Lee's Summit Athletic team and wanted to be part of it because of their great sponsors,"

he explained, highlighting the attraction of the team's vision and support.

Known for his versatile playing style, Kadour began as a forward but transitioned to a midfielder due to his exceptional ball control and ability to influence the game with precise touches. He believes this transition will significantly contribute to the team's success, particularly in connecting the defense and attack on the field.

When asked about community involvement, Kadour expressed his commitment to engaging with the Lee's Summit community off the field. "I like to take responsibility with my teammates by putting pressure on me because I trust myself. I can make them look good on the way of playing," he emphasized, underlining the importance of community engagement and teamwork.

A strong advocate for sportsmanship and leadership, Kadour shared his approach to communication on the pitch. "It is very important to create chemistry in the team, especially in the midfield as a connection between offense and defense. I like to take responsibility with my teammates by putting pressure on me because I trust myself; I can make them look good on the way of playing."

Kadour, who also coaches youth, sees soccer as an integral part of his life, stating, "My day from waking up to sleeping is about soccer. I like watching games of my favorite teams and talking about it after with my friends."

As Lee's Summit Athletic aims to create a positive and inclusive team culture, Kadour emphasized the importance of fostering camaraderie within the team. He expressed his dedication to being an active part of building a strong team bond.

Looking ahead to the inaugural season, Kadour outlined personal and team goals. "I always tell young players to enjoy the game and trust themselves and their talent to show on the pitch," he advised aspiring soccer players in the Lee's Summit community.

With Ahmad Kadour's arrival, Lee's Summit Athletic gains not only a skilled midfielder but also a player committed to community engagement, leadership, and fostering a positive team culture. As the team gears up for its inaugural season in the Select League, the addition of Kadour adds a new dimension to the squad's aspirations for success both on and off the pitch.



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