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  • Brandon Fisher

Diego Arvizu Joins Lee's Summit Athletic for Inaugural Select League Season

Diego Arvizu

Lee's Summit Athletic, gearing up for its inaugural season in the new Select League, has recently announced the addition of Diego Arvizu to its roster. Originally hailing from Tucson, AZ, Arvizu is set to play as the left winger, donning the number 11 jersey for LS Athletic.

In a recent interview, Arvizu expressed his excitement about being part of Lee's Summit Athletic's inaugural season in the Select League. He conveyed his eagerness to meet his new teammates and highlighted the club's strong ambition to clinch victory in the league.

Having made the transition from Tucson to Warrensburg, MO, Arvizu admitted that adjusting to a new environment has been challenging. However, he emphasized feeling comfortable and ready to face the challenges both on and off the field.

Arvizu was attracted to Lee's Summit Athletic after hearing about it from friends who spoke highly of the club and the Select League. He acknowledged the convincing arguments from his peers and expressed confidence in the team's potential for success.

As a left winger, Arvizu described his playing style as a mix of flare and discipline. He emphasized his ability to make the right decisions in challenging situations and highlighted his vision on the field as a valuable asset for the team's future games.

Discussing the team's preparation for the upcoming season, Arvizu emphasized the importance of finding chemistry and a distinctive style of play. Despite being a new team, he expressed confidence that with a few more weeks of preparation, they could achieve cohesion and readiness for the season.

Franke Field is set to be the home ground for LS Athletic, and Arvizu believes that building fan support involves spreading the team's name and inviting people to attend games. He sees fan engagement as crucial to the club's success.

Lee's Summit Athletic's sponsorship by Bluebird Network was described by Arvizu as motivating, signaling external support for the team. He sees winning championships as the best way to repay that support.

Arvizu shared his personal goals for the season, emphasizing his desire to contribute to the team's victories in any way possible. He expressed a willingness to experiment with new strategies and positions to enhance his understanding of different roles.

Regarding the challenges posed by the new Select League format, Arvizu pointed out potential communication issues among the players. However, he remains optimistic that with teamwork and dedication, the team can overcome these challenges and have a successful season.

Looking ahead to the matchups in the Select League, Arvizu expressed excitement about facing every team, acknowledging the competitive nature of the league. He emphasized the importance of taking each opponent seriously and giving their best effort in every game.



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