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  • Brandon Fisher

Jonathan Castaneda Joins Lee's Summit Athletic: A Defender with a Vision

Jonathan Castaneda

Lee's Summit Athletic has welcomed a new addition to its roster, and it comes in the form of a talented center back, Jonathan Castaneda. Hailing from Sacramento, California, Castaneda brings a wealth of experience and a unique playing style to the team.

In an exclusive interview, Castaneda shared insights into his soccer journey, emphasizing the importance of both victories and defeats in shaping his career. Quoting basketball legend Kobe Bryant, he highlighted the significance of understanding failure in the pursuit of success.

Describing his playing style as akin to the legendary Virgil van Dijk, Castaneda emphasized playing smart and exploiting the mistakes of attackers to gain possession. His decision to join Lee's Summit Athletic was influenced by the team's direction and goals. Castaneda expressed his love for challenges in soccer and his excitement about contributing to the team's success.

LS Athletic's new center back

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Castaneda mentioned that while he doesn't have overly high goals for the first season, he is eager to learn, improve, and enjoy the moment. He believes that gradual progress can lead to bigger goals, such as league titles, in the future.

When asked about the key qualities of a great center back, Castaneda emphasized the importance of game knowledge and a strong connection within the back line. He quoted the adage,

"Offense wins games, but defense wins championships."

Castaneda's approach to leadership revolves around effective communication, both on and off the field. He believes that understanding teammates is crucial to bringing out the best in each player. His pre-game ritual involves listening to music and watching soccer, with Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares" being his go-to pump-up song.

Reflecting on his most memorable moment in his soccer career, Castaneda pointed to winning a league title with his hometown team in Sacramento. He takes pride in representing Lee's Summit and acknowledges the support system back home that helps him balance personal life with the demands of professional soccer.

Sacramento native and serviceman Castaneda

Fan support is paramount for Castaneda, and he believes it provides an extra boost to players when they need it most. Coming from Sacramento, he feels a special connection and pride in representing his hometown on the soccer field.

As for his playing style, Castaneda attributes some elements to his upbringing in Sacramento, where he started playing in adult leagues at the age of 12, learning valuable "hacks" to make his game more effective.

In a lighthearted moment, Castaneda revealed that if he could have dinner with any soccer legend, it would be Xavi Alonso. Alonso's high soccer IQ and passing skills left a lasting impression on Castaneda when he played as a midfielder.

Wrapping up the interview, Castaneda shared his go-to celebration after scoring a goal in practice, opting for either the Ronaldo Siiiiiiuuu celebration or a military salute, showcasing his pride as a service member.

As Jonathan Castaneda begins his journey with Lee's Summit Athletic, fans can expect a player with skill, dedication, and a vision for success both on and off the field.



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